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Teen Cohort News and Showcase Details!

Thrilling news, readers! Our Teen Cohort students at Downstage Arts have all determined where they will attend university and which degree(s) they will pursue. Huzzah! Understandably, few life decisions seem more cumbersome and pivotal than those related to the college experience. There are numerous steps in the journey to discover where and what prospective students will study, and we at DSA cannot hide our immense gratitude that we may accompany our students for a part of the ride.

When I think of the first time our Teen Cohort first gathered, I am amazed to see how far the students have come on their journeys to discover what role the arts will play in their lives. And let me tell you, Downstagers, our team is elated to see such an array of universities and degree paths that each individual has selected! Some of our students have chosen degrees outside of the arts. No matter what degree or school the students choose, DSA is equally enthused for each individual. Among other important lessons we hope our students take away from the Teen Cohort, high on the list is authenticity. We believe that there is no “right way” to pursue the arts. In reality, the arts can exist in multitudes of ways, shapes, and forms. One doesn’t have to hold a theatre degree to belong in the arts, just as one doesn’t have to attend a top-rated theatre university to be a successful artist.

Our hope is that no matter what path our students choose, each individual will carry with them the powerful artistic ideas, lessons, and discoveries made in the Teen Cohort.

We can’t wait to share the outstanding work of our students at our Teen Cohort Showcase! The spectacular Broadway artist Desi Oakley will be hosting the event, and there will be additional special guests joining us as well! Mark your calendars for Friday, May 14, 7 p.m. CST. Grab your tickets here, and please join us in supporting our wonderfully talented students one last time before they embark on the next leg of their journeys.

Thank you for joining us, Downstagers. You are you, and that is your artistry.

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