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Program Overview

The Trade School at Downstage Arts is a three-year program, meeting from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Mondays–Fridays. Below, you'll find a sample breakdown of the schedule.



Students will start the day with group dance and acting classes. They will then transition to private lessons in either dance, voice, or acting. First year students will receive four individual lessons per week, to develop their skills and technique.


Students will take a different afternoon module class which will cover one of the following topics:



  • Intro to the Industry

  • Theatre History

  • Intro to Building your Brand

  • Music Theory/Keyboard & Aural Skills



  • Audition Prep

  • Character Analysis & Research

  • Ensemble/Devising

  • Real World Prep: Defining your brand, getting headshots, and setting up other materials

  • Intro to 1099s



  • Student selected module: At the end of Year 2, students will select one module specific to their cohort that they would like to study. 

  • Year 3 is primarily focused on building repertoire, monologue, website, and other individual needs to prepare them for entering the industry.

  • As an ensemble, students in their third year will create an original piece to present to the public.

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