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We build bridges  
over barriers

to provide arts for all.

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The Teen Cohort

College audition prep for Juniors and Seniors in High School wanting to pursue further training in the performing arts. 

Performing arts for ALL

Our organization offers classes, private instruction, performance opportunities and college audition prep (Cohort), and after school programs, all at a low cost or free of charge to anyone who qualifies. We advocate for diversity and inclusion in all training programs, and we will fight to end the high cost of performance-training programs.

We create theatre
by encouraging students to tell stories that matter to them.

Downstage Arts believes that any student who wishes to participate in the performing arts has the access and support they need to be successful. By removing boundaries, students can more easily participate in the arts, employing every opportunity to tell their unique story.  We believe that art should provoke thought and invoke justice.  We are dedicated to utilizing theatre in a way that gives a voice to and changes the narrative of marginalized communities in Chicago and beyond.

Our support of these qualified young artists does not hinge on the Broadway-or- bust mindset.  Rather, we believe that music and theatre can help students create valuable career and social readiness skills such as:

Personal Mindset  Planning for Success 
 Social Awareness 

Verbal Communication 

Collaboration  Problem Solving 


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