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School Partnerships

Downstage Arts is a Chicagoland organization that uses theatre to build confidence, communication and collaborative skills that students need to be successful in all areas of life.


Class Overview

Throughout a semester, student ensembles will create and rehearse an original project that explores performance and creative writing skills while focusing on collaboration and original storytelling. We will sing, dance, act and express ourselves through theatre!

Skills and Class Focus

Ensemble and Collaboration

Students participating in the Storybuilder's curriculum will develop communication and collaboration skills while working together to create and stage an original theatrical project.


Students will learn to use all the elements of their “Artist Toolbox” including their Voices, Bodies, and Imagination. Students will expand these skills through acting projects, singing and learning music, and creative writing.

Story Creation and Adaptation

Students will learn about elements of a story, write original dialogue and narratives, and learn the steps of adapting work from a literary source or central theme.

Process Before Product

The DSA After School Program believes that our greatest growth stems through the journey of the creative process.

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