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Act 1, Scene 1

Our show begins with our Teen Cohort taking center stage! The past seven weeks have been full of preparation for our students who are pursuing the performing arts. Deciding to what schools the students might want to apply—and subsequently enduring the audition process itself—can be overwhelming! Here’s what our Teen Cohort has been up to: we have dedicated time talking about the programs and degrees various universities offer, while breaking down the differing elements of each program and degree that is of interest to our students. We have researched, workshopped, and learned what kind of audition material best fits each student. We have also recently finished one of our student’s first prescreens and are gearing up for more! (This is when our students tape their audition material to send to theatre programs before officially auditioning.) In other words, things are happening!

A shout-out to our students: we applaud your energy, and we are proud of your ongoing motivation! On top of an already strange and unprecedented school year, these big college decisions might feel like a cruel burden—and DSA understands why. Each year, the application process gets more competitive, as the choicest schools become ever more selective. Here are just some of the activities in which students participate to help themselves stand out: voice lessons, dance lessons, acting lessons, productions, masterclasses, and college prep programs. Additionally, there is the cost of college applications, travel to and from universities, equipment for self tapes and prescreens, and the list goes on! Frankly, there are so many wonderfully talented folx who simply can’t afford to pay for all of these privileges. When being a competitive student in the performing arts can cost $20,000 or more, we wholly agree with the families of our students that these expenses are unreasonable and inequitable. Our Teen Cohort is FREE. We work to ensure that each student starts off their performance career on an informed, prepared, and (might we say) en pointe foot!

Stay tuned for more updates, while we continue to rehearse and memorize all of our lines!

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