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Year Three Catch Up with Our Executive Director, Lindsay.

It is hard to believe we will be wrapping up our fall semester this weekend, but that also means we get to celebrate all SIX of our seniors completing their prescreens! We had our biggest enrollment to date and welcomed 13 students into our Teen Cohort Program this year. We are so impressed by all of the hard work and incredible artistry of our entire cohort; watching these young people step into their artistry and owning their own journey is one of the greatest joys in our lives. That’s what Downstage Arts is all about - making the arts accessible to all students and ensuring that they feel supported, empowered and confident in themselves. And because we have amazing teachers leading this program, we have placed 100% of our students in at least one of their top five schools.

When I started Downstage Arts, I could have only dreamed of a moment like this. Having a program like this when I was younger would have saved me so much time, money and fear when stepping into the college chapter of my life. I had no guidance on audition prep, and therefore didn’t get into any of the programs I wanted to go to. I spent the first two years of college bouncing around from school to school, searching for the place I felt like I fit in. I wasted thousands of dollars before I figured out the path for me. I am not the only Downstage Arts founder who has a story like this. We knew we needed to start a program that frees students from these burdens and fears, and reminds them that their artistry as they are now is always enough. That is why we made our program free when typically a program like this costs families thousands of dollars.

Offering a free program, along with hosting events like our back-to-school event where we gave away over 100 backpacks with school supplies, food and gifts to families in our community, is not free to do. All of our teachers and artists are paid, and I dream of a day we can pay for our students to visit colleges or cover their admission fees. A future like this is possible, but only with the support of our community.

This holiday season, we are seeking donations to continue to build Downstage Arts towards a continually growing future where we can continue working with student’s like yours. It would mean so much to us if you, or someone you knew, were able to donate. Even if you donate just $5, we are so thankful for your support and trust.

Can’t donate today? Please share this on your social media, or with a friend.

We’d love for you to continue to join us on this journey. Your donation allows us to keep offering all of our programs for free while paying our artists.

Donate by clicking here for Square, or here for Paypal.

Thank you again for your support, trusting us with your students, and believing in the arts.


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