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Audition Series: Turning Acting into Action

Hello, Downstagers! It’s week three of our Audition Series, where we share constructive thoughts and helpful tips to help you put your best foot forward the next time you choose to offer your talents. We have previously shared our thoughts on overdone audition material and the importance of telling a complete story during your audition cut. This week, we’re emphasizing the value of a strong physical presence and how it boosts your performance.

Whether for an in-person or virtual audition, it is vital to make sure you’re standing in a spot appropriately spaced and well seen, either by the directors or by your camera. Once you’re set, it’s time to remember our next audition tip: MOVE!

Wait, what? We know, suggesting that you move may seem counterintuitive, because you want to respect the first audition guideline—to remain visible—but that doesn’t mean you have to act like a statue. With some consideration, allowing yourself the freedom to add motivated action will pay off greatly, if you thoughtfully place it in your piece. Below, you’ll see some reasons why:

Reason #1: You are showing that your acting technique goes beyond your voice and face. Afterall, act-ing is partly about act-ion, right?! Including physical technique serves your story and helps you contrive characters that are multi-dimensional.

Reason #2: A strong physical presence provides your audience with a motive to stay connected. It’s easy for someone to look away and browse your résumé if you’re motionless without a clear reason. On the other hand, what if you take your audience on a journey physically? Now that is a great way to keep your performance thoughtful and captivating. (If you’re self-taping, make sure to mark the sightline boundaries so that you remain in frame!)

Reason #3: You are setting yourself apart from other performers to a greater extent. Because we are all different from one another, our physicality is unique to us, as well. When you take time to build your physical presence in your material, you are sharing another remarkable piece of yourself.

If you’re unsure where to even begin when it comes to physical acting technique, tune in next week where we’ll share more related tips!

And as always, Downstagers, you are you, and that is your artistry!

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