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Downstage Arts Launches Summer Program and Apprenticeship

Hear, hear, Downstagers! It is with much delight that Downstage Arts will launch a two-week Pre-Professional Musical Theatre Intensive this summer, for artists ages 18 and up! As with most skills, practice is of utmost importance, and the arts are no different. We use our entire bodies and vocal registrars to express, share, and promote stories that matter. It takes more work and preparation than some would think! The more we engage with and implement our artistic skills, the more powerful and courageous we grow as performers.

DSA’s summer program will grant students the opportunity to apply their skills, while cultivating their individual artistic perspectives. We will provide training in voice, acting, and dance, as well as some fun special guest masterclasses and workshops. Also, DSA will offer apprenticeships for students who are interested in opportunities as theatre educators. Apprenticeship applications and more info on DSA’s Pre-Professional Summer Intensive can be found here. We can’t wait to see our students flourish this summer in our space, which is built to be safe, supportive, and inspirational for everyone who wishes to join! Performing artist or not, what will you do to make this summer one brimming with personal growth?

Thank you for joining us on the blog! A reminder to all of our readers: You are you, and that is your artistry.

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