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DSA Reflects On First Year of Teen Cohort

As we close the curtains on Downstage Arts’s first ever Teen Cohort, we take a moment to reflect on the past year’s work and achievements. DSA believes that in order for our work to be powerful and effective, we must seek to grow and evolve. To help develop our nascent DSA, we invited our students to share some of their main takeaways during our last class together.

When asked about the valuable lessons or ideas that our students learned throughout the Teen Cohort, their answers collectively centered on confidence. Some individuals communicated a higher level of motivation to “go for it” and apply to programs and schools that felt out of their reach. Other students noted the self-progress and group encouragement they received from taking big risks in class. Some expressed gratefulness to have communal support and guidance on their pre-college journeys, remarking that they wouldn’t have known how to handle the rigorous college audition process otherwise. Others expressed confident outlooks for the next chapters in their lives, feeling as though their perceptions of the theatre industry and of their personal artistries had remarkably expanded.

One of DSA’s primary goals is to ensure that our graduating students embark upon each of their unique paths with confidence in themselves. It is with immense gratitude that we close our first year. The team at DSA looks forward to our next projects, ready to build more access to the arts that promote confidence, community, and unique perspectives. Lastly, friends, it is with overwhelming joy and pride that we send off our students on their individualized journeys. A final CONGRATULATIONS, friends!

If you were able to join our Showcase, we want to send out another round of thanks to you. For our readers who were not able to join, you can still support students in the arts by donating here.

As always, thank you for joining us, Downstagers. You are you, and that is your artistry.

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