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Let the show begin.

Hello, and welcome! We are glad you are here at the opening debut of the Downstage Arts Blog! The pre-show jitters are here with us, but we are thrilled to share here newsy tidbits on all things regarding DSA.

This blog will advocate the critical need for our nonprofit, along with updates on our goals. We will talk about how the arts affect us personally, our communities, and our world. Whether you are in the performing arts or know someone who is, the fact remains that we are all, in one way or another, connected to the arts. In upcoming weeks, we will continue exploring the Down Stage Arts perspective.

For now, consider this: in our nation’s toughest times, including the moment in which we are currently living, we have always turned to the arts for healing, understanding, connection, and positivity. When everyone is being represented, our art becomes more trustworthy, genuine, and honorable.

That anyone should be “waiting in the wings” is no longer acceptable at Downstage Arts. We aspire to provide equity and inclusivity for those who have been waiting to share their story for far too long .

And now, let the show begin . . .

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