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Showing Gratitude for Your Community This Holiday Season

As the holiday season quickly approaches, we gear up for a time of the year that is meant to be spent with our loved ones. Before long, school will take a break, work will pause, and the festivities will commence! On the other hand, are holiday breaks ever that simple? For many of us, the holiday season can bring both joy and stress. Here, at Downstage Arts, we hope that all of us find moments of gratitude for ourselves and our communities, amid the holiday rush.

We talk a lot about community and ensemble-building with our students. From the very first day that we meet, we make certain to inform everyone that we are there to support each other. Pursuing careers in the arts takes courage and pushes all of us to show up as ourselves in our work. Although it may be difficult to feel confident and prepared every time you warm up, rehearse, and perform in front of others, our students can take comfort in knowing that no matter what they may feel—nerves, anxiety, self-doubt—their community is strong with trust and support. While it may take a moment to build loyalty within our DSA community (especially when students are meeting for the first time!), we know that the community will build itself if we continue to show up for everyone who needs our help.

Downstage Arts is certainly grateful for its community. As you may know, we have six students in our Teen Cohort; have hosted additional classes for younger students; continue giving one-on-one instruction to voice, guitar, and piano students; and more! We were able to offer these services for free because of those in our community who believe in our mission. Without their donations, we would not be able to support students in the arts.

With #GivingTuesday drawing near, we would love your contribution, so that we will be able to continue cultivating creative minds and bring the magic of theatre to our wonderful, deserving community.

This holiday season, look within your community. How are you able to show gratitude and lift up those around you?

While many Americans will gather for the traditional Thanksgiving feast, we encourage you to learn and acknowledge the true history behind the national holiday. You can learn about and observe the National Day of Mourning here, locate what stolen Native American land you live on here, and learn the accurate facts behind Thanksgiving here.

DSA wishes you a compassionate, reflective, and active start to the holiday season!

As always, you are you, and that is your artistry. Until next time, Downstagers!

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