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Teen Cohort Showcase

It’s time for an exciting update, Downstagers! Our Teen Cohort is both delighted and relieved to have officially completed college auditions! A round of applause for our students, please!

The time, energy, and resources it takes to prepare for college auditions can be daunting, so we worked to ensure that our students were informed and prepared. We made sure they understood the distinctions between the different degrees and the variables each program has to offer. Also, we made certain that their material met the requirements of each program; the students rehearsed auditions in our safe space; and we dished out loads of feedback. Now that all of the first semester’s goals have been accomplished, we have the opportunity to shift our focus to our Teen Cohort Showcase in our second semester!

While learning the art of auditioning is paramount to an artist’s development, we are glad to exclude the usual audition requirements in the showcase. This will grant students the freedom to choose a piece that they love without thinking about keeping it under a certain amount of time, choosing from a specific time period, or finding a song that translates well in auditions. The students will handpick fresh material for the showcase that will allow them to grow their skills, to learn more techniques, and to tell new stories from their unique perspective.

While our Teen Cohort came together to support and cheer on one another during the vigorous college audition process, all the work were ultimately solo efforts. This semester, we are coming together to work on shared pieces, as well! DSA believes that collaboration is a crucial touchstone of performing. How well performers can listen to and tell the story with their fellow storytellers is remarkably important as they keep the audience captivated with a clear, believable, and powerful story. The students will also collaborate on the theme of the showcase, which will allow them to critically think about why they are coming together to tell stories. Why are their stories important? Why were they chosen for the showcase? What messages should their audiences be told? We will push our students to answer the above questions, which should help them connect with their stories from deeper, more thoughtful, and more cultivated creative places.

We will reveal more about the DSA Teen Cohort Showcase later. Until then, we’ll be growing together as artists and humans!

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