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The Story Goes On

New year, new art! The arts are informed and influenced by the stories of our past, by the information we have learned so far, and by what we dream for our future. And so, each year brings brand new stories, new information learned, and new dreams. If you are like me, you may feel inclined to forget 2020’s existence and plan to never look back. As alleviating as this sounds, I am hesitant to use this as the solution for the past year’s woes and afflictions. Remember that the arts allow us to reflect, grow, and heal. They can bring both joy and sadness, realism and escapism, thrill and peace, connection and education. The conclusion of the 2020 dumpster fire does not mean that it is excluded from our life’s story and, therefore, our art. I wonder what fragments of 2020 will find themselves threading through future pieces of art that we create.

This past year confirmed that the arts are an invaluable gift to all humanity. How did the arts serve you or your community in 2020?

And now, let us look to the present and beyond. The future is always unknown, but 2021 has already presented us with so many mysteries that need answering very soon. In that regard, I will challenge you with some questions I hope you will answer for our mutual benefit:

  • How will you serve the arts this year?

  • How will goodness blossom, and what work will you do to ensure that happens?

  • How will this chapter in your life change you, and why is the change necessary?

  • Finally, how will you authorize your art to play a part of your happiness, healing, and growth?

Downstage Arts wishes you a Happy New Year! We look forward to finding new ways to expand access to the arts for all.

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